Digital content producer

More than anything I am a storyteller. A storyteller equipt with all the the tools, skills and tricks to tell a memorable story using any medium and any platform.

Here is some of my work.


Highlighted Experiences

  • Producing well over 350 pieces of cross platform content in the last 5 years, many of which have reached over 1,500 views.

  • Working as a freelance social media manager and launching social media accounts for a brand new product bringing in 1,500+ followers in 3 months. Learning the ins out outs of social media platforms while working with marketing/branding teams to form cohesive messaging and content.

  • Developing, co-producing, writing and hosting an original and successful talk show for two years. This project required me think outside of the box as I worked with a small crew of 2 people. I made up half of the production team and also worked as talent!

  • Interning at WJRT-ABC 12 News in Flint, Michigan where I learned Aurora editing software and expanded my camera operation, reporting and visual storytelling skills.

  • Working as a committed anchor and reported for my university’s Emmy award winning evening news cast. Here I learned the bulk of my camera operation, storytelling, and other technical skills.  

Technical Skills

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Content Production

  • Videography

  • Video editing (Adobe Premiere and Aurora)

  • Audio Editing (Adobe Audition)

  • Project/Event Coordinating

  • On-Camera Talent

    • Hosting

    • Anchoring

    • Reporting